How to unlock voltas ac remote

To unlock a Voltas AC remote, follow these steps:-

 Look for a lock or key symbol on the remote’s display or buttons to check for a lock indicator. The remote is locked according to this symbol.

Press and hold the “Mode” and “Set/Cancel” (or equivalent) buttons simultaneously for a few seconds to unlock the remote. Depending on the model of your Voltas AC remote, certain buttons may be different.

Holding down the buttons while keeping an eye on the remote’s display is known as “observing the display.” The lock symbol should go, indicating that the remote has now been unlocked.

Test the Remote: After unlocking, try operating your Voltas AC system using the remote. It ought should operate normally.

If you can't discover a lock sign or if these methods don't work for you, please consult your Voltas AC user handbook for advice tailored to your particular model. Different remote types and AC units may have somewhat different processes.

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