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Fusion Technology Comes To Golf

Filed under: News Stories — anmol March 11, 2007 @ 4:49 pm

People will do anything that needs to be done to sell their produce. Now, we are not saying that there is not science involved here, just that there is not that much science involved here. After all Tiger Woods is not the golfer he is because of the golf clubs he uses or the golf shoes he wears. Recently Callaway rolled out their Square-headed FTi driver made what they call ‘fusion technology’. These drivers are claimed to be the straightest drivers the game has or will ever see. The square design is believed to move the weight of the club away from the center of gravity rendering increased horizontal and vertical stability while driving.
golf gadgett
golfing gadget
The technology enables the golfer to adjust the weight of the square driver to compensate for individual weaknesses. The looks of the square-driver will not get the clubs off the shelves of the stores, Callaway is hoping the technology will. By the way it is no coincidence they are called ‘Square-headed’ drivers, golfers are definitely more intelligent than golf-club manufacturers may think.

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