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Nokia E65

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A mobile phone with a built in VOIP facility makes for the ultimate economical telephone device the world has been waiting for….
Nokia E65

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Motorola Bikes with built in Mobile Phone Charger

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Motorola is developing a bicycle that will charge your cell phone while you cycle. So the next time you plan to hit the road, you need not worry about your mobile phone battery draining out…
Motorola Bike

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TGC Intro 21-January-2007

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This is an introduction to our podcast.

It spells out what to expect and tells you a bit about both of us.

Mohit and Anmol

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TGC E00 5-November-2006

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Our first attempt at podcasting.

your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Mohit and Anmol

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Hello World!

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Welcome to our Podcast cum Gadget Blog cum One stop gadget news shop.

We will talk about all things new in Tech, Gadgets, Macs, Cars and anything else that interests us and YOU.

Look Forward to interacting with you all.

You can mail us or call and leave a message on my skype account thegadgetcast

Mohit and Anmol

Ultrasonic Tape Measures: the Next Generation’s Handy Tool

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If you’re not a do-it-yourself kind of person, this may be the first time you hear an ultrasonic tape measure and boy, are you lucky! An Ultrasonic tape measure, is a device to measure distance in feet or meter, calculates linear, cubic footage or square – may it be in metric or standard measure.

However, unlike the old measuring tapes you use for calculating wall dimensions and other home renovation needs, an ultrasonic tape measure provides you with brilliant LCD screens to display all information you need. Most ultrasonic measurement tapes are designed in a compact, lightweight size to allow for easy carrying whether you’re measuring the roof or basement.
Even with its small size, an ultrasonic tape measure is a very powerful tool, measuring distances of up to twelve meters and approximately 40 feet. In addition, you don’t need to add up numbers – this state-of-the-art gadget can convert units from meter to feet and vice versa. With an ultrasonic tape measure, all the necessary information is clearly laid out on its vivid screen.

Beam your measurements up with laser ultrasonic tape measure

Unlike the old tape measure wherein you need to drag one end of the tape to the other end, the ultrasonic tape creates laser virtual points from start to end while measuring distance simultaneously.

The laser pointers of the ultrasonic tape measure are used to aim your device. Once the target is determined, it emits sound waves and calculates the time it takes before the sound bounces back to the device. For this reason, these advanced gadgets cannot guarantee 100% accuracy and may give out false readings due to various obstructions from the sound to the device, such as large furniture or walls.

Be aware that most ultrasonic tape measures should only be used within 20 to 50 feet and are best used indoors since they may become more vulnerable to false readings when used outdoors. Simply put, these advanced hand tools is recommended for measuring applications wherein you do not require accuracy.

You can even play with the ultrasonic tape measure while walking and measure the distance you’ve gone. Another unique feature of most ultrasonic measuring tapes is that they are designed with a sleep mode, which automatically saves power and batteries.

With an ultrasonic tape measure, you can now achieve do-it-yourself painting or wallpaper jobs, carpet or tile set ups and other home renovation projects with ease, comfort and confidence.

Now You Can Enjoy Housework with a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Since many people dread all the cleaning and scrubbing done with housework, an idea combined with robotics gave way to the development of robotic vacuum cleaner and presented those stuck with doing dirty work a reason to smile.

A robotic vacuum cleaner allows the users to clean floors, even without lifting the entire sofa. It simplifies your task of cleaning even dust not visible to the eye on hard to reach places by doing what it is programmed to do – annihilate all dirt regardless of visibility.

The robotic vacuum cleaner, regardless of brand name, operates using its top and bottom infrared sensors. Some brands offer extra ultrasound or optical sensors for enhanced functionality. Robotic vacuum cleaners use these infrared sensors in navigating around different kinds of obstacles.

Normally, a robotic vacuum cleaner that uses infrared start to navigate in the middle of a certain room and use algorithms to drive themselves around the space in different patterns. When these highly advanced vacuums clean a room, it sends out continuous infrared signals and as these signals bounce back, the robotics determines the clear spaces ahead.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to change directions randomly when any kind of obstructions are on their way. Other more expensive robotic vacuums are integrated with preset programs, which the vacuums automatically rotate, moves forward or backward when a collision is on its path.

After the robotic vacuum cleaner has done its job, it travels back to its charging base. However, you are still responsible for shutting the charger off and sending the robotic off to a new task.

Do-It-Yourself Robotic Vacuum Upgrade

If, for some reason, the robotic vacuum fails to function, you can always try to find gadget experts to help you with the problem. For instance, some robotics hackers have developed a way to save money by solving how the robotic vacuum cleaner can go around the house.

If you wish to add extra features to your vacuum cleaner, you can learn a few tips on replacing new and advanced chips. Some robotics vacuum fanatics have develop new ways on giving the equipment eyes – by putting your laptop with a USB cam above the vacuum, your robotics cleaner will now have its own vision system.

Some people add laser or vision scanning to their robots, but most experts caution users that adding these features may be costly. Nevertheless, robotic vacuum cleaners, with or without upgrades, have made cleaning spaces a simple task.

Communicate Easily With Nokia Mobile Phones

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You have to admit it – people’s daily lives have become mobile, and cell phones, such as Nokia, have flooded the homes and businesses of people worldwide. While Nokia stands as one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world, it is for a valid reason – they offer user-friendly interfaces for both personal and business use.

Nokia has designed hundreds of mobile phones to fit the needs of different groups of people. Nokia offers the standard messaging, caller IDs, voice calls and voice mails, multi-messages and other communication solutions. They provide Nokia mobile phone users with integrated cameras, radio, mp3 players, video recorder, built-in games, voice recorder and other entertainment solutions to accommodate everyone’s needs.


The features of most Nokia mobile phones are user-friendly even for the non-technical users. It allows a person to browse through the entire phone system without difficulty even in movement or outdoors. If you wish to have more features, you could opt for a higher-end mobile phone, such as Nokia PDAs.

With wide-ranging designs, Nokia has given their clients options of mobile phone with a fun and trendy look or with a sleek and formal feel, in a variety of colors. It also comes in different shapes and sizes, allowing the user to choose the phone that fits comfortably in their hands.

Nokia Mobile Phones Mixes Business with Pleasure

Nokia understands the importance of businesses and believes that mobility can enhance the way people work, reduce costs and simplify business communications. Whether you have a small or large business, Nokia provides a variety of mobile phones that integrates security solutions while accessing information, even when on the move.

If you prefer to personalize your business meetings, even if you’re speaking to your clients from the other end of the world, you could still see him personally through Nokia’s 3G oriented phones. With advancements in technology, Nokia doesn’t fall short from keeping their mobile phone in line with the IT environment – incorporating mobile messages and voice, business applications, e-mail compatibility and other features that can assist in daily work operation. Plus, with top-notch security, you can rely on the mobile phone to keep all your information and data private.


Of course, even the business-oriented mobile phones can be a fun gadget since it offers the basic mp3-compatibility, video recorder and camera, built-in games and voice recorder. Nokia truly understands the needs of its users by providing them with all the necessary features and adding built-in solutions for entertainment and personal pleasure.

New Gadgets for the Frequent Traveler

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With today’s busy world, different manufacturers of new gadgets such as mobile phone, personal computers, digital cameras, gaming stations and media players, understand that mobility is a major factor when consumers choose portable products.

Depending on what kind of travel you normally do, new gadgets in the market are always coming up with advanced equipments to make traveling much easier. For instance, if you fly frequently for business matters, various manufacturers design new portable mp3 or DVD players, mobile phones that can be used even in airplanes, laptops and PDAs, portable gaming systems and other kinds of compact, new gadgets that are designed for light-weight packing.

Choosing New Gadgets to Fit Your Needs

Since there are virtually hundreds of new gadgets that are introduced into the market monthly, it is best that you narrow down your choices before grabbing one item off the shelves.

For those who travel for leisure and adventure trips, look for new gadgets that can be a useful addition to your backpack. You could look for handheld GPS navigation systems or a digital map to guide your jungle exploration. These new gadgets can provide accurate positioning of the destination you wish to go, retract your steps or remember a newly discovered fishing spot. Combine these electronics with a binocular digital camera and you’ll be seeing nature and the world’s wonders in your own eyes.

When you’re a businessperson spending time with different hotels for business trips, new gadgets such as travel clock alarms that are synchronized with dozens of time zones or a travel hanger specially designed to keep formal wear in shipshape. You can also shop around for a talking translator device if you need to learn a few basic words from a different language, or other new gadgets that you think is appropriate for your travel.

For families bringing their children along for a long vacation or a family reunion at the other end of the world, you could keep them busy and quiet by giving them new gadgets to play with throughout the trip. Shop around for compact mp3 players, portable gaming systems, mini-DVD players, mobile computers or other entertainment gadgets that you think your kids would like.

Regardless of the type of travel you normally make, new gadgets can add excitement, organization, relaxation and comfort to one’s trip. Pack your trip along with a compact camcorder or a digital camera and you can cherish these travel memories for years to come.

Mp4 Player: Enjoying Music through Your Eyes and Ears

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While many people are mesmerized with the popularity of mp3 players, consumers are confused when it comes to mp4 players: are these gadgets an upgrade of the mp3 players?

Simply put, an mp3 player holds certain types of audio formats, while the mp4 players use an mpeg-4 container format and plays different kinds of audio.

Just like the mp3 players, the word “mp4” is the kind of computer formal, but for videos instead of music files. Mp4 players differ from mp3 players due to their ability to store and play videos, streaming capabilities and the ability to support all types of multimedia formats as well as advanced content such as 2D or 3D graphics.

Mp4 players are becoming more and more popular because not only do they store movies and videos, they can also perform as an mp3 player by storing and playing an entire music collection. However, you still need to use a computer to access internet and download movies, videos and other media to upload into your mp4 player.

The real advantage of choosing mp4 players rather than mp3 players is the system’s ability to perform with other electronics without bringing too much effort on the mp4 player users. This is an important quality of most media players since the more gadgets an mp4 player can connect to, the better it can perform. Meaning, most mp4 players can be attached to your television, personal computer, stereo components, laptops and other devices.

Mp4 Players are lightweight, pocket-sized portable DVD players

While portable DVD players use discs to play movies and videos, mp4 players store and play audio and movie files from your computer. Another large factor why many consumers choose mp4 players over portable DVD players is that the size of DVD players may be smaller compared to home DVD players; you still need to carry the discs for your movie enjoyment.

On the other hand, mp4 players are usually designed as pocket-sized, lightweight gadgets that are best for travel and daily use. Mp4 players are better than portable DVD players are because most mp4 players integrate extra features such as digital TV decoder, microphone, alarm clock, organizer, photo album and many more.

On the downside, watching movies or videos through an mp4 player for longer periods of viewing can harm the user’s eyes due to its small screen. Nevertheless, why choose a DVD player and buy expensive DVDs when you can buy an iPod or other mp4 players and download a movie for very little?

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